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Songs by Joel Justin and The Mad Ants. Available for licensing.

There's no better music than music made by a gang of musicians playing together.

attn: Filmmakers, Music Supervisors, Producers and other Recording Artists... Scroll Down; I write a darn good song and my band Mad Ants makes a great sounding record.

At the bottom of the page check out songs from The Mad Ants latest LP; "On The Covers". A reversioning of ten popular classic rock songs. It's an honest, exciting tribute to some fantastic music.

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Joel Justin


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      The Liberty Station
      The Liberty Station (Instrumental)
      So Satisfied
      So Satisfied (instrumental)
      Go Back do it all over again
      Go Back do it all over again (instrumental)
      Let It Roll
      Let It Roll (instrumental)
      I Don't Like The Way That You Look At Me
      I Don't Like The Way That You Look At Me (instrumental)
      I Want It Bad
      I Want It Bad (instrumental)
      Its not all you
      Its not all you (instrumental)
      Dark heart
      Dark Heart (instrumental)
      My Rock and Roll
      My Rock And Roll (Instrumental)
      You You Hold On
      You You Hold On (instrumental)
      Got Her By The Balls
      Got Her By The Balls (instrumental)
      It's Alright
      It's Alright (instrumental)
      Give It Back
      Give It Back (instrumental)
      This Is Planet Earth
      This Is Planet Earth (instrumental)
      Let Me In
      Let Me In (instrumental)
      Born Too Late
      Born Too Late (instrumental)
      Now (instrumental)
      Please Stay The Night
      Please Stay The Night (instrumental)
      Down On You
      Down On You (Instrumental)
      I'm Lost
      I'm Lost (instrumental)
      Down (Instrumental)
      Crash (Instrumental)
      I Love You Too
      I Love You Too (Instrumental)
      I Rule My World
      I Rule My World (Instrumental)
      Another Chase
      Another Chase (Instrumental)
      One Lover
      One Lover (instrumental)
      The Hole In My Heart
      The Hole In My Heart (instrumental)
      Lost Dog
      Lost Dog (Instrumental)
      I only want you
      I only want you (instrumental)
      Hey Hey Its Me
      Hey Hey Its Me (Instrumental)
      I don't know about love, anymore
      I dont know about love anymore (instrumental)
      Make Me Proud
      Make Me Proud (instrumental)
      Radiate (instrumental)
      We Can Never Be
      Lay your head
      Lay your head (instrumental)
      Your Everything
      Your Everything (instrumental)
      Let it go or give me up
      Let it go or give me up (instrumental)
      The Window
      The Window (instrumental)
      Like it was yesterday
      Margarita (instrumental)
      The Last Days Of Thomas Ripple
      Now's The Time (to change the world)
      On My Way
      All over again
      It Don't Really Matter by Ruth Baxter
      I've Been There Before by Ruth Baxter
      Sunny Afternoon
      Sunny Afternoon (instrumental)
      Suspicious Minds
      Suspicious Minds (instrumental)
      Bend Me Shape Me
      Bend Me Shape Me (instrumental)

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