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Joel Justin is a multi-talented artist/musician who has entertained millions of people as a solo performer and as the frontman for the Chicago-based rock band MAD ANTS. He has participated in numerous creative collaborations with famous entertainers, working with them as either a vocalist, guitarist, songwriter or producer.

Justin has shared billing with, engineered and produced the sound for such entertainers as: Robert Palmer, Squeeze, Garth Brooks, America, George Benson, Johnny Cash, Warren Zevon, The Temptations, The Box Tops, The Shirelles, Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin, Waylon Jennings, Foghat, Molly Hatchet and many more. Justin has released critically acclaimed CDs, and most recently traveled to Brazil to record his new solo CD entitled, 4/4. He also frequently performs in the Los Angeles area performing a one-man performance he calls; The Bitter and Sweet Show.

A favorite pastime of Justin’s has been to seek out, interview and video the most interesting locals in the community in which he will be performing. He found that a genuine, sincere approach to these strangers is the best way to get a wealth of information. He quickly forms a bond and friendship, enabling his subjects to speak freely to his camera. This approach became the premise of one of Justin’s first films, “Homeless Too.”

Justin has been focusing his filmmaking talents on funny and bizarre people that have “colorful” occupations. His experiences have ranged from receiving home-cooked meals to being threatened by dangerous individuals. (See Justin’s demo reel.) Using these odd and interesting videotapes, Justin created a streaming video Web site called; JoelTV to test-market his collection of outrageous characters. The Web site maintains a dedicated fan base. JoelTV has a catch phrase…“It’s all about capturing the incredible moment.”

Independent films by Joel Justin

The Roller Derby: Wooden Wheel Wonders (documentary)

Currently in production, Joel Justin documents the birth and demise of one of America’s most original and outrageous sports in which his parents were two of the more recognized skaters during the “sport’s” hey-day. The film features vintage footage dating back to 1935, combined with recent interviews for a fascinating tell-all storyline. Justin befriends some 100 of the remaining skaters and promoters, biographing their lives then and now.

Homeless Too (comedy-documentary)

While out on a music tour, Joel Justin gets word that the house he has been renting in Hollywood, California has been sold and he has just 30 days to move out his belongings, which includes an elaborate home recording studio. He’s home just long enough to put everything in storage, then goes back out to finish the tour. He returns with nowhere to live or work. Miserable and staying in cheap motels near the beach, he interviews homeless people, suspecting he could soon end up without a roof over his head himself. This is a film about how and why these formerly successful, intelligent people have “snapped.” They have an incredible story to tell.

Waiting for Roger (comedy-documentary)

It’s Thursday night (ladies night) at the hottest little hick bar in town. Two guys meet(Roger and Joel), and after several drinks find they were both planning to drive to Indianapolis the following morning. They discover they have mutual friends in Indy who will be happy to put them up for the weekend. Roger offers to drive, and says he will pick Joel up at 8am. It’s going on noon, and no Roger. Did he end up having to work? Did he get in an accident? (After all he was drunk.) Why hasn’t he called? Was he bullshitting? The phone rings at 12:15pm; Roger says he’s on his way. It´s now 4pm and still no Roger. 9pm and still no Roger but he swears he’s on his way. “Waiting for Roger” is a film about being stood-up and how one can entertain themselves while experiencing a multitude of emotions.

Creative Financing (comedy-documentary)

Bartenders, waitresses, nightclub and restaurant managers... they all steal from the cash register. How do they do it? There is an overhead camera. The restaurant has hired a spotter. They’ve even installed computers that track every sale and every cent, but they are no match for this bunch. Former experts on “creative financing” tell all.

The Feature Film Music of Joel Justin

Joel Justin initiated a campaign to attach his music to as many films as possible. He has more than 30 of his songs in feature films and television programs to date. Justin’s music or voice has also been featured on HBO, Showtime, the pay-per-view channel, the Playboy Channel and in international television commercials. The campaign was ignited in the late 90´s when Joel´s songs, “Elvis,” and “The A&R Man” from the Mad Ants CD, “Hey, who paid the Rent?” were used in the Stephen King horror flick, “Sometimes They Come Back.”

Joel Justin currently resides in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He and his highly rhythmic Brazilian bandmates, as of this writing, are rehearsing for a tour of South America 2006/2007. He has not given up on his “Bitter & Sweet Show”, and includes two to three acoustic songs in every performance. He also plans to reunite the Mad Ants for at least one more CD tentatively titled, “International Anthem.” Expect to hear from this “new old face” very soon.

Joel Justin’s Discography:

Joel Justin 4/4
The Mad Ants The Best Of
Joel Justin Pajama Factory
The Mad Ants Jules White
The Mad Ants Hey, Who Paid the Rent?
Cream Puff Disaster Peace the World Together
The Mad Ants Released
The Mad Ants Demolition
Joel Justin There I was
Joel Justin Music-For-Movies Volume 1
Joel Justin Music-For-Movies Volume 2
Joel Justin Music-For-Movies Volume 3
Joel Justin Music-For-Movies Volume 4

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